"So I'm researching and calculating the exact power levels (and feats) of every Dragon Ball Z character". Gohan, fully healed and with both arms still stomps Super Perfect Cell imo, the gap is just too big imo. And with a … Ssj2 goku plus seven years of training(we all know how hard goku trains) would be a stomp. He boasts his perfection even after noticing that others rival him. While Gohan may have the power in edge, his personality and lack of experience are a serious disadvantage that would tip the battle against him. Half power Gohan was absolutely nothing to a Cell who wasn't even serious. I also believe that while the attack meant to kill Vegeta LOOKED casual, it was a very devastating blow. Leer cell super perfecto vs gohan ssj2, en Sin categoría. Was Gohan truly at a lower level of power thanks to this injury? First is that Gohan couldn't unlock that bonus boost at will. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Gohan didn't hold out long at all and Cell was toying with him the whole time. Once he realized even his new power was not enough, he'd IT to somewhere else on the planet and blow it up. This is the kind of stuff I analyze all the time and have a huge list. SSj2 Majin Vegeta > SSj2 Kid Gohan (Rage) >> SSj2 Kid Gohan (Normal). As for the PLs, I do indeed have a distinctive list for everyone, including the DB Super fighters (though most are assumptions). There are 5 possible avenues for Gotenks strength: Equal to Super Saiyan 3: x400 Equal to Goten Plus Trunks Base Form: x2 (x800 in SS3) Equal to SS Goten Plus SS Trunks: x100 (x40,000 in SS3) Using Dragonball GT Guide on Gogeta, Fusion Dance is dozens of times stronger. Edit: On another note, I'd love to see your notes on PLs throughout the series up until this point. He was at 50% when he overpowered Cell. If Gohan was truly at half strength when doing the beam struggle, this would suggest in a fair fight he'd have no trouble. SSJ2 Kid Gohan: 100 "The Old Benchmark" SSJ2 Vegeta: 80 Super Perfect Cell: 80 SSJ2 Teen Gohan: 66.6 SSJ Majin Vegeta: 55 FP Perfect Cell: 40 SSJ Vegeta: 40 Dabura: 38 SSJ Kid/Teen Gohan: 33.3 Cell Games Gohan was constantly used as a benchmark early Buu Arc by Piccolo and Vegeta. Also, I did watch the video and it seemed like one of the points being argued was that the attack that Gohan jumped in front of for Vegeta was strong enough to immobilize Gohan, therefore Cell is "proven" to be stronger. The categories are mostly separated based on alternate calculations using the 5 ways to calculate Gotenks I mentioned above: Blank means equal to SS3, the bare minimum. Gohan was emotionally wrecked after Goku's sacrifice, as he believed he was responsible. The terms are: BoG(Battle of Gods), ResF(Resurrection F), GE (God Essence), SPC (Super Perfect Cell). A good point. Perfect Cell: 900,000,000 (stated in a Daizenshuu that his power is over 900,000,000. With that in mind, just because SSJ2 Gohan exercised with a heavy weapon I don't think his strength increased by much. Full Power Perfect Cell - 12. I think Goku actually thought that he had taught Gohan to unleash it and that was why he was so eager to just let Gohan take care of it. The attack Cell used was definitely not a particularly powerful one. The beam struggle ends up being the best way to win. PFM18 , Apr 24, 2019 However, in regards to who would win in a straight fight, I believe SPC would actually end up winning. Similar to Frieza's laser beam, this puts doubt that this attack was in fact a casual blast. SSJ2 Gohan is about 2–3 times stronger than SSJ Goku at the time. It changes how strong Piccolo is measured. Although I think the zenkai you mentioned is what pushed Cell to the SS2 limit, not that he attained SS2 and then managed to get an additional zenkai. Not to mention that Gohan was perfectly happy to fight Cell one handed until Cell made a Kamehameha; he only was low on chi and wanted to avoid anything involving it. I just don't think he would have the fortitude to do that and with nothing else pushing him he never would. 2 - He is consciously holding back and worried about the planet and those around him. Since he was at half strength was it so much that it put him over his power level at full health? SSJ2 Gohan is leagues ahead of Super Perfect Cell in raw strength and pure power . SSG Goku BoG_____62,972_____188,915,094,340, SSG Goku BoG+_____108,255_____324,764,150,943, SSG Goku BoG S+_____4,545,991_____13,637,971,698,113, SSG Goku BoG x24_____1,104,481_____3,313,443,396,226, SSG Goku BoG x96_____4,364,858_____13,094,575,471,698, SSG Goku BoG SPC_____62,893_____188,679,245,283, SSG Goku BoG SPC+_____108,176_____324,528,301,887, SSG Goku BoG SPC S+_____4,545,912_____13,637,735,849,057, SSG Goku BoG SPC x24_____1,104,403_____3,313,207,547,170, SSG Goku BoG SPC x96_____4,364,780_____13,094,339,622,642, SSB Goku ResF Low_____7,930,869,527_____23,792,608,579,565,700, SSB Goku ResF+ Low_____23,438,167,497_____70,314,502,491,990,000, SSB Goku ResF S+ Low_____41,332,060,453,008_____123,996,181,359,025,000,000, SSB Goku ResF x24 Low_____2,439,757,142,221_____7,319,271,426,664,300,000, SSB Goku ResF x96 Low_____38,103,979,285,333_____114,311,937,855,999,000,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC Low_____7,911,079,467_____23,733,238,400,379,700, SSB Goku ResF SPC+ Low_____23,404,137,495_____70,212,412,483,683,400, SSB Goku ResF SPC S+ Low_____41,330,630,908,588_____123,991,892,725,762,000,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC x24 Low_____2,439,409,833,472_____7,318,229,500,415,330,000, SSB Goku ResF SPC x96 Low_____38,102,606,700,684_____114,307,820,102,053,000,000.