Cross-listed with GOV 684 and LAW 743. Most law school curricula include courses in employment and labor law, which is fundamental to understanding the basic premise of human resources and regulations that impact both employers and employees. } padding: 0.75em; This sparked my interest in wanting to learn more about Human Resources. This includes contracts, employment law, strategic human resource management, and negotiations, giving you a better understanding of the laws that affect your career. The M.A. cursor:auto; .path-frontpage>li>a:hover { } This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Law, offered completely online (with select on-campus course options), will enhance your HR skills through comprehensive coursework. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law developed Human Resources Law Online (HR Law Online) by working with experts in human resources, law, and online education. .event-card #fsuwidgetdatebox { for the joint degrees of Human Resources & Industrial Relations, MHRIR and Law, JD. /************ The online Human Resources Law and Compliance certificate also offers the opportunity to pursue specific human resources law and compliance-focused online classes that benefit those who work for large organizations that deal with employment issues, HR managers who handle negotiations, compliance managers who deal with risk management involving employees, and others in the human … But I told my family, ‘If I don’t go to Regent, I’m not going to law school at all.’”. Please email a scanned copy or photograph of it to with the subject line: Government ID. While earning a bachelor’s degree in human resources is perhaps the most direct route toward a career in HR, there are plenty of other majors that can provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill specific HR roles. Taught from a biblical perspective, this online human resources law degree helps to solidify your reputation as a trusted professional. Laws pertaining to employment discrimination, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and administrative practices before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. .tech-rooms .views-field-field-lecture-capture>span, #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest div { padding-left:0.5em} font-weight: 600; This includes contracts, employment law, strategic human resource management, and negotiations, giving you a better understanding of the laws that affect your career. ************/ /************ font-family: FontAwesome; Non-U.S. transcripts must be evaluated by an NACES-approved company. .page-node-type-rooms .main .field--label { font-weight:bold; } 3. Management consultant 7. /* } These are widely applicable even outside of traditional role in human resources. Recruitment consultant 10. Choose from a robust list of courses from training and development to performance management. Law is concerned with the study of the obligations, duties and rights which every member of society has in relation to one another and to the state. .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest div { display: inline-block; } Graduating with a degree in Human Resources equips students with a breadth of knowledge on the law and ethics governing the contemporary workplace, as well theoretical and practical experience with leadership and diversity. .path-frontpage>>a, a.icon-gift:before, Upon completing the M.A. Regent Law admits students with academic promise and calling who are serious about the critical roles they will assume upon graduation. Links form.views-exposed-form .form--inline .form-actions button { “A” rated for campus safety by Niche, 2020. .event-list { .event-card { Copyright, Employment & Human Resources Law Specialization, Administrative Law & Governmental Relations Specialization, Environmental & Land Use Law Specialization, Donald J. Weidner Summer for Undergraduates, Pave the Way: FSU Law's Student Scholarships Campaign. padding: 0 0.25em; Regent's Campus was ranked among the "Top 20 Best College Campuses in America: 2019-20". At Human Resources MBA, we’re dedicated to guiding you through the process of choosing and earning the right master’s degree in human resource management. #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href$="/research-center"], LSAT and GRE not required for admission to our program. .event-card #fsuwidgetdatebox abbr { footer>div.container nav.nav-social a {color:#fff;} Honours degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources The Degrees BA Honours and B.Com Honours in Labour Relations and Human Resources were approved, originally by the Department of National Education in 1981, and the first course commenced in 1982. Faculty/Staff ************/ .tech-rooms .views-field-field-technology>span, box-shadow:1px 1px 5px #ddd; .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-hometown .field--label, Note: On-campus international applicants must meet a fall semester application deadline of February 15 with an academic acceptance deadline of March 15 or a spring semester application deadline of June 15 with an academic acceptance deadline of July 15. font-size: 3em;}*/ Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. So you may enter law school desiring to go into one field, and instead practice in a different field. .region-sidebar-first .navbar li a[href^="http"]:after {font-family:'FontAwesome'; content:"\f08e"; padding-left: .5em;} Special consideration given to religious discrimination. .field.field--name-field-related-links .field--label, designed for business professionals within human resource roles or management roles with personnel responsibilities View Relevant Elective Courses & Seminars, Required Courses: Demonstrate proficiency in laws relevant to your field, including contract, employment and healthcare laws and employment discrimination. An introduction to the basic foundations of enforceability of contractual arrangements: formation, performance, breach and damages, rights of third parties, conditions, Statute of Frauds, and assignments. .strong { .node--type-team-member .field--name-field-area-of-interest .field--label { font-weight: bold; } Research American law, including cases, and statutes. The program will expose students to new perspectives and deep analyses, ensuring high quality teaching and … #fsu-nav-primary ul li a[href^="/co-curriculars/"], #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-area-of-interest span { font-weight:bold} Median annual wage for human resources managers, 2020 Alumnus of the Year; Managing Attorney & Founder of Just Law International PC, Timothy J. background: #f4f4f4 !important; .rooms-alert {background-color:#ffd800;} ************/ padding-right:.5em; #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-undergrad div, Stack your certificate into a master's degree. #block-views-block-student-teams-block-5 .view-student-teams .col-xs-6.views-row .views-field-field-hometown div, A primary objective of this course is for students to develop a pattern of analysis and expression central to their work as lawyers. Institute Code W75 UCAS Code NM61 .tech-rooms .views-field-field-video-conferencing>div, display:none; College of Law Submit your Unofficial College Transcripts*Unofficial transcripts from a U.S.-based school, indicating successful completion of a bachelor’s degree program, can be used for an admissions decision. Pay Your $50 Application FeePay the $50 nonrefundable application fee by check or money order mailed to Regent University, Enrollment Support Services, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. a[href^="#pdf"] { The course includes both private sector and governmental arrangements and influences on the definition of property rights. /************ } Complete an Admissions Questionnaire Regarding Your Professional Goals and Interests. Complete Your Online ApplicationNote: If you are unable to complete our application due to a disability, please contact our Admissions Office for assistance. margin:0 0 10px; } While you can complete this program 100% online, there is opportunity for students to … [CDATA[/* >