Benefits of Membership



The Benefits of a SAFE consortium Membership:

SAFE members say these are the reasons they became, and remain, members:

Make your voice heard in food safety research programming.

Take part in SAFE publications and SAFE events that aim to advise policy, decision makers and funding bodies at national and European levels on Food Safety Science. The SAFE consortium's food safety priorities are set annualy by SAFE members, and SAFE members write the position papers and give the talks which form the independent food safety voice in Europe. Become a SAFE consortium member and your institution's food safety voice will be heard.

Be a part of a European expert group.

As a SAFE member, your organisation participates in and sustains the non-profit European Association for Food Safety. Many organisations have mandates to be a part of pan-European and/or non-profit associations. The benefits also come from networking with food safety professionals from across (and outside of) Europe and from many of the diverse sectors involved in keeping food safety on the agenda. Become a SAFE consortium member and join a diverse network of food safety experts.

Participate in SAFE food safety events.

SAFE organises top-level seminars bringing together scientists from the membership and encouraging new and promising interactions. In addition, we offer specialised workshops and seminars in cooperation with industry. All are open to non-members but SAFE members profit from strongly reduced or no fees and participation in planning of the programme. Become a SAFE consortium member and interact with top European food safety professionals.

All food safety scientific staff can become SAFE members.

All scientists at your institution (including technical personnel and students) can register on the SAFE site and thereby access the SAFE 'members only' web pages and be on the SAFE mailing list. SAFE has a bottom up organisation in which those who register recieve SAFE calls for participation to co-author our papers and participate in our events. Become a SAFE consortium member and your scientific colleagues can take food safety initiatives.

Join the SAFE project development service.

Members may seek advice and assistance in developing research proposals within the Work Programmes of the European Union Frameworks or within any other research funding programmes available in the EU and worldwide. Become a SAFE consortium member and form winning teams for food safety proposal writing.