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SAFE Announcements and Events:

  • SAFE Special Issue in TIFS. January 2019

    SAFE consortium members will publish a Special Issue of Trends in Food Science &Technology as the first issue of TIFS 2019.

    Keeping Food Safety on the Agenda for 15 Years: The SAFE Consortium

    There are five food safety themes in the Special Issue, each led by a SAFE member:

    1. The Circular Bioeconomy, by Matis Ltd in Iceland
    2. Safe Nutrients, by IBA in Romania
    3. Emerging Microbial Threats, by CNR-DiSBA in Italy
    4. Chemical Hazards, by AZTI in Spain
    5. Risk Communication, by Nofima in Norway

    The release EVENT will take place in early 2019. Stay tuned for further information. 


  • GHI Congress on Food Safety and Security: 24 March 2019

    The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) is an international non-profit network founded in 2004 to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation. Read more about GHI here.

    GHI will hold its first World Congress to address the problem of differences in regulations between countries and scientifically unjustified food scares which lead to the destruction and/or refusal of safe food. Read more about the Congress here.

    The GHI World Congress will be a platform for presenting the most suitable assays for food safety assessments within different fileds - chemistry and microbiology to genetic toxicology and genomics. Congress participants will produce a declaration which calls for and establishes a target to change regulations based on available knowledge.

    SAFE consortium is a GHI Supporting Organization.

    Early bird registration is open, €595 before 9 Nov. Register here.


  • SAFE Executive Board and Member Meetings 2018-January

    The upcoming 2018 meetings of the SAFE consortium Executive Board will be by teleconference in

    TUESDAY 19 June at 15H CET

    Log in as a SAFE member to download the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE EB meetings. Also available are the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE Member Meetings, including the Annual General Meetings. Once logged in, these documents become visible as a separate article in Past Events.

    If your institution is a SAFE member but you don't have a User Name and Password - send an email to Katherine Flynn with your 3 food safety interests and you will be registered.

    If your institution is not a SAFE member - you will find information here on how to apply.


  • INCREaSE 2019: 9-11 Oct 2019

    SAFE consortium will participate in the International Congress on Engineering and Sustainability in the XXIst Century to be held at the University of Algarve in Faro PT from 8-11 October 2019.

    The SAFE Secretary General, Katherine M Flynn, is a member of the Scientific Committee.

    Read about SAFE participation in INCREaSE 2017 here.

    Abstract submission is now open!

    Hope to see you at INCREaSE 2019!


SAFE Food Safety News - May 2012


Welcome to our unscientific collection of food safety stories on the internet this month. Please read more. This month we have links to articles on:

- risks from nanotechnologies in food and feed

- endocrine disrupting chemicals from pesticide residues and packaging

- distinguishing safe and harmful strains of a common probiotic

- upcoming EU - US conference on emerging pathogens


SAFE Food Safety News - April 2012


Welcome to our unscientific collection of food safety stories on the internet this month. Please read more. This month we have links to articles on

- Uptake of coccidiostats in vegetables: ESFA report
- EFSA to evaluate low dose BPA ‘hypothesis’
- UK research firm developing ‘invisible’ coating for meat
- Research database reveals ingredients most prone to food fraud
- EFSA and EU Member States work together to tackle Schmallenberg virus
- New EU project gets to grips with globetrotting germs



SAFE Food Safety News - March 2012

This month's round-up of food safety science news. Read more on:

EFSA and ECDC zoonoses report: Salmonella in humans continues to decrease, Campylobacter increasing

Study on the presence of anisakis in aquaculture

Infrared, hot-air almond pasteurisation combo kills Salmonella - USDA

EFSA Scientific Network of Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed

EFSA publishes report on likely scenarios for spread of “Schmallenberg” virus in ruminants

Europeans develop innovative, sustainable food packaging product


SAFE Food Safety News - February 2012

SAFE Food Safety News - February 2012

EFSA’s commitment to ensuring that Europe’s food is safe – 10 years and going from strength to strength

EU measures help reduce human Salmonella cases by almost one-half

DNA-nanotech development will move pathogen testing from lab to field - developer

Report on food treated with ionizing radiation 2010

Social media could enhance foodborne outbreak detection - report



SAFE Food Safety News - January 2012

SAFE News, January 2012

Cargill extends HPP in food contamination prevention efforts
Heated industry outcry over EU proposals for chilled foods
Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of plant pests
EFSA approves the use of copolymers in food contact materials
New guide for assessment of benefits and risks of use of nanotechnology



SAFE consortium/IBA Announce a Workshop on Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce

The SAFE consortium and member IBA (Institutul de Bioresurse Alimentare) have the pleasure to announce an upcoming seminar/workshop entitled "Update on Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce".

The event will take place on Thursday and Friday 15 and 16 March 2012 at the IBA Main Office in Bucharest Romania.




SAFE Food Safety News - December 2011

SAFE News, December 2011
EFSA reconfirms safety of bisphenol A
EFSA consults on new food additives guidance
Bacteriophages to control spoilage microorganisms in fish


SAFE consortium publishes a Position Paper on Food Contact Materials

The SAFE consortium has just published a position paper and call for action entitled,

'Food contact materials: Knowledge gaps and research needs.'

This position paper is based on a seminar in the SAFE consortium Food Safety Seminar Series 'Developments in Safety Assessment of Food Contact Materials' which took place on 24 and 25 February 2010 in Driebergen Netherlands. Ten SAFE members from 6 different SAFE institutes participated together with 11 colleagues of the SAFE consortium from industry, regulatory agencies and universities in writing the paper. You can raise awareness of the need for research in this area by presenting this paper to your colleagues, National Representatives or others.

Download Part 1 of the paper here.

The full paper is available only to SAFE members. Log in as a member and find the paper in the Publications tab.

Read more about the Seminar here.

SAFE Members Only Pages Now Available

The SAFE Consortium members only pages have just re-opened!

Are you registered as a SAFE member? Your old user name and password will get you access to our new members only pages which include

1. PowerPoint presentations from SAFE seminars and workshops

2. Full text of SAFE position papers and manuscripts

3. SAFE Infomails

Log in on top right.

(New individual members may join SAFE after Jan 2012)

SAFE consortium publishes a Predictive Microbiology Position Paper

The SAFE consortium has published a position paper and call for action entitled,

'The need for research in tools for shelf-life and safety prediction in the food chain.'

The paper is based on a seminar of the same name, one in the SAFE consortium Food Safety Seminar Series, which took place in October 2010 at the research laboratories of SAFE member AZTI-Tecnalia in Derio (Bilbao) Spain. Sixteen SAFE members from 10 SAFE institutes and 9 colleagues of the SAFE consortium participated in writing the paper. Interested in presenting this paper to your colleagues? To your National Representatives? To others who might be interested to support funding for research in this area?

Download part 1 of the paper here.

SAFE members may download the entire paper. Log in as a member and go to the Publications link.

SAFE consortium welcomes its newest member



Find out more about them here.


ETP Food4Life will revise its Strategic Research Agenda

The European Technology Platform Food4Life Board meeting of February 24th in Brussels decided that the seven Scientific Working Groups of the ETP will resume their work in 2011 and prepare a revised Strategic Research Agenda, to be launched later this year. The SAFE consortium has played a significant part in the ETP Food4Life since its start in 2005, coordinating the food safety related actvities of the ETP. SAFE will continue doing so by leading the Key Thrust Working Group "Safe Food Production" towards a redefinition of the strategic research issues most relevant for food safety in Europe for the next decade.


Interesting Notes

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