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SAFE Announcements and Events:

  • SAFE Food Safety Workshop: 18 Oct 2017

    "Natural and Microbial Food Contaminants: Riskier Than We Think" is the title of the 2017 SAFE consortium food safety workshop set for WEDNESDAY 18 OCTOBER from 13H15 to 15H30 in BRUSSELS.

    Europeans tend to be concerned about chemical contaminants in food, believing that natural and microbial contaminants are of little risk. Experts state the opposite: food microbes and their toxins can have severe health consequences. This workshop aims at strengthening the understanding of natural and microbial food contamination, debunking the myths around the word 'natural' and bringing much needed attention to this often-overlooked food risk.

    Download the draft programme here.

    The workshop is free. More information will be available here soon.

  • SAFE Executive Board Meetings 2017- 20 OCTOBER

    The upcoming 2017 meetings of the SAFE consortium Executive Board will be by teleconference on

    Firday 29 September at 13H CET

    Friday 20 October at 13H CET

    Thursday 16 November at 13H CET

    Log in as a SAFE member to download the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE EB meetings. Also available are the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE Member Meetings, including the Annual General Meetings. Once logged in, these documents become visible as a separate article in Past Events.

    If your institution is a SAFE member but you don't have a User Name and Password - send an email to Katherine Flynn with your 3 food safety interests and you will be registered.

    If your institution is not a SAFE member - you will find information here on how to apply.



SAFE joins ActInPak Action

SAFE consortium was invited to join the ongoing COST Action ActInPak, Active and Intelligent Fibre-Based Packaging in January 2017. SAFE brings its expertise in European food safety to this packaging initiative.

Many thanks to the Action Leader, Sanne Tiekstra of Bumaga NL for the invitation.

SAFE RELEASES WORKSHOP SUMMARY: Food-Related Health Risks and Technologies to Increase Food Safety

SAFE partnered with the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) panel of the European Parliament to organise a holistic workshop on food safety issues of today.

The 20 October 2016 workshop was widely viewed as a success, with expert speakers from academia, industry, national research centres and the European Commission and over 100 attendees.

Read about the workshop, including a link to the presentations here.

SAFE consortium, with a generous partial sponsorship from BASF SE, wrote an engaging and readable summary of the event which was published in February 2017.

Download the Workshop Summary here.

Read the Workshop Summary on ISSUU here.

SAFE announces a new Secretary General

At the 2016 SAFE consortium Annual General Meeting, Dr. Hrönn Jörundsdóttir, Ph.D. in chemistry and Chief Infrastructure Officer at Matís, Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D, was approved by SAFE members as the new Secretary General of The European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium. She had been nominated by the Executive Board earlier in the year. Dr. Jörundsdóttir will replace Oddur M. Gunnarsson who is stepping down after 5+ years of service to the consortium.



SAFE becomes GHI Supporting Organization

In July 2016, SAFE consortium joined over 20 other groups in becoming a Supporting Organization of the Global Harmonization Initiative, GHI. GHI is an international non-profit network to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation.



SAFE active in FOODforce

FOODforce is a network of leading European research provider organisations active in the areas of food, nutrition and health.

As of June 2016, SAFE consortium is now active as an Associated Organisation with this important network. SAFE contributed to the FOODforce Position Paper released in summer 2016 and to the FOODforce response to the Public Consultation on Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2, "Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy".


SAFE welcomes its newest member: NIFES

In June 2016, The Norwegian National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) became a full member of The European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium. NIFES conducts research on the seafood you eat. The institute studies fish nutrition and the effects of fish and seafood consumption on our health.

Read more about NIFES here.


SAFE Position Paper Released April 2016: Safe Food for the Future

The European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium announces the publication of its newest position paper,

Safe Food for the Future

released 29 April 2016.

Read the position paper on ISSUU, here or download the pdf from the SAFE site, Publications, here.

You can read and download this and other SAFE publications on ISSUU or at the Publications tab.



SAFE Joins FACCE-JPI Stakeholder Advisory Board

The SAFE consortium was elected as a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE) effective January 2016. SAFE joins 15 other food and climate stakeholders in providing advice to increase the relevance of FACCE-JPI work and suggesting ways to further dissemination and impact.

The SAFE consortium representative to the Stakeholder Advisory Board is Irina Smeu of SAFE member IBA in Romania. Read more about IBA here.

Read about the FACCE-JPI here.




SAFE at E.N.G. Global Food Safety:Sep 2015

The 10th annual Global Food Safety Summit focused on managing a safe and secure global food supply chain. The event took place in Amsterdam on 8 and 9 September 2015 with approximately 150 attendees, many from leading companies in the food and beverage industry. For the 3rd consecutive year SAFE consortium was a promotional partner for the event and was represented by the attendance of Oddur M. Gunnarsson, SAFE Secretary General and by two SAFE member institutes: Nofima and Nestlé.



SAFE welcomes its newest member: Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Sep 2015

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute became a member of the SAFE consortium as of September 2015. Read about the Institute and their activities here.

SAFE in the Food Press: FoodQualityNews


The SAFE consortium Position Paper,

"Food Safety: The Top Priority on the Horizon for the SAFE Consortium"

was covered by FoodQualityNews reporter Joe Whitworth in an article published on 5 August 2015.

Read the article here.

SAFE Annual General Meeting Charts Next Year's Course: June 2015

Members of the European Association for Food Safety, SAFE consortium decided last week to reduce membership fees, especially for smaller organisations, in an effort to increase membership. SAFE consortium is a fully independent food safety voice, counting 10 member institutes in 2015, and funded by their annual dues. Dues will be cut in half for some, as the new structure is €1000 per year for academic and governmental organisations with less than 250 employees and €2000 for those with over 250. Several of the smaller SAFE members applauded the change, with Tim Hogg of the School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Portugal noting, “The SAFE model of influencing financing for food safety research is useful and we want to stay a part of that.”



SAFE consortium Dissemination 2013-2014

SAFE consortium dissemination for 2013-2014 : view the summary here.

New SAFE Position Paper Released:May 2015

The SAFE Consortium announces the publication of its newest position paper:

Food Safety: The top priority on the horizon for the SAFE consortium.

Read the position paper on ISSUU, here.

You can also read and download this and other SAFE publications on ISSUU or on the SAFE consortium Publications link here.

SAFE in the food press:Food Quality & Safety

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The SAFE consortium is again in the food press. A recent article in Food Quality & Safety is all about the SAFE consortium.

SAFE: A Self-Sustaining Platform for European Research - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE.

Read the article here.

This article is part of a larger piece, Food Safety in Europe, by the same author, Linda L. Leake, read the full article here.

SAFE in the food press: Private Label International

A recent article in Private Label International refers to the SAFE consortium in the first section and goes on to include a detailed interview with SAFE consortium Chairman of the Executive Board, Begoña Pérez Villarreal.

The article is part of a series on food safety by veteran freelance Paris-based journalist Colette Davidson.

The Price of Globalization. Read the article here (page 16).

SAFE is Stakeholder Consultant for H2020 Work Programme

SAFE consortium participated in the recent stakeholder consultation for the European Commission H2020 Societal Challenge 2 "Food Secutriy, Sustainable Agriculture, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy"




The SAFE consortium document on Priority Topics in the EU has been covered by this Food Safety and Quality publication.

Read the article which includes an interview with the Chair of the SAFE Executive Board, Begoña Pérez Villarreal, here.

New SAFE Position Paper Released: Improving Food Safety

SAFE consortium announces its newest publication,

"Improving Food Safety with Alternative, Sustainable and Low-Cost Tools, Methods and Approaches: Priority Topics in the EU".


Here, food safety experts from SAFE member institutes throughout the EU and Associated Countries present four key topics for research consideration. SAFE members view food safety broadly, from consumer sciences and nutrition through toxicology and microbiology. In all its forms, SAFE consortium aims to keep food safety on the agenda in future Horizon 2020 Work Programmes.

Download a pdf of the SAFE publication here.

View the SAFE publication on ISSUU here.

Call of Interest to SAFE members: Collaborations for H2020 proposals

Profit from the expertise of the 13 institutes and hundreds of scientists in the SAFE consortium.

Log in as a SAFE member and visit Projects. You will find an article 'H2020 Collaborations' with information on the calls our members are interested in, their call-related areas of expertise and their contact information.

Find your ideal partners today!

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