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SAFE Announcements and Events:

  • SAFE Special Issue in TIFS. February 2019

    SAFE consortium members will publish a Special Issue of Trends in Food Science &Technology as one of the first issues of TIFS 2019.

    Keeping Food Safety on the Agenda for 15 Years: The SAFE Consortium

    There are five food safety themes in the Special Issue, each led by a SAFE member:

    1. The Circular Bioeconomy, by Matis Ltd in Iceland
    2. Safe Nutrients, by IBA in Romania
    3. Emerging Microbial Threats, by CNR-DiSBA in Italy
    4. Chemical Hazards, by AZTI in Spain
    5. Risk Communication, by Nofima in Norway

    The release EVENT will take place in April 2019 in Brussels. Stay tuned for further information. 


  • GHI Congress on Food Safety and Security: 24 March 2019

    The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) is an international non-profit network founded in 2004 to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation. Read more about GHI here.

    GHI will hold its first World Congress to address the problem of differences in regulations between countries and scientifically unjustified food scares which lead to the destruction and/or refusal of safe food. Read more about the Congress here.

    The GHI World Congress will be a platform for presenting the most suitable assays for food safety assessments within different fileds - chemistry and microbiology to genetic toxicology and genomics. Congress participants will produce a declaration which calls for and establishes a target to change regulations based on available knowledge.

    SAFE consortium is a GHI Supporting Organization.

    Register here.


  • SAFE Executive Board and Member Meetings 2018-January

    The upcoming 2018 meetings of the SAFE consortium Executive Board will be by teleconference in

    TUESDAY 19 June at 15H CET

    Log in as a SAFE member to download the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE EB meetings. Also available are the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE Member Meetings, including the Annual General Meetings. Once logged in, these documents become visible as a separate article in Past Events.

    If your institution is a SAFE member but you don't have a User Name and Password - send an email to Katherine Flynn with your 3 food safety interests and you will be registered.

    If your institution is not a SAFE member - you will find information here on how to apply.


  • INCREaSE 2019: 9-11 Oct 2019

    SAFE consortium will participate in the International Congress on Engineering and Sustainability in the XXIst Century to be held at the University of Algarve in Faro PT from 8-11 October 2019.

    The SAFE Secretary General, Katherine M Flynn, is a member of the Scientific Committee.

    Read about SAFE participation in INCREaSE 2017 here.

    Abstract submission is now open!

    Hope to see you at INCREaSE 2019!

Food Institute of KTU (Lithuania)

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The Food Institute of Kaunas University of Technology (FI-KTU) is a research institution established in 1958 to conduct internationally recognized food science and technology research as well as to serve the food industry.

FI-KTU consists of sensory, microbiology, chemistry and technology laboratories, and Food Research Center (LST EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, scope: physical chemical and microbiological research of food products).

The research at Food Institute ranges from food microbiology including genomics, food chemistry, food analysis to technological functionality and wholesomeness, sustainable food processing technology, exploratory data analysis to sensory quality and consumer perception.

The main research infrastructure covers Liquid / gas chromatography, PCR amplification and DNA pyrosequencing analytic equipment.

Food Institute of Kaunas University of Technology has been a SAFE member since January 2018.

Research fields:

  • Chemical and Microbiological Food / Feed Safety  and sensory quality - innovative modeling tools for the prediction of food safety, quality and authenticity.
  • Sensory quality of foods and food preferences - development of products and evaluation of its taste, texture, smell, sound properties that influence perception of product.
  • Gut microbiology and immunology – development of novel probiotic or prebiotic ingredients, and products for prevention and treatment of food allergy.
  • Functional food ingredients - analysis and application of novel foods / feed and technologies enabling to assure oxidative stability of food, which are rich in minerals, vitamins, healthy lipids and proteins/peptides.

Technological solutions:

  • Food safety, quality and shelf life, increasing of food stability, solutions.
  • Food authentication solutions - detection of food falsification, development of methods for evaluation of food authenticity.
  • Application of biologically active food components for personalized nutrition food products.
  • Bio-preservatives application to control food / feed product and environment hygiene.
  • Biomass production from food rest raw material  - increasing the value and range use of rest raw materials
  • Food safety management system implementation solutions - food / feed hazard and risk assessment, implementation and maintaining the HACCP and quality management systems.
  • Integrated solutions for all product’s life cycle: consumers expectations, product development, sensory quality, shelf life determination, product compliance with legal regulations

Founded in 1958
90 % national projects
10 % international projects
PhD students: 20 % research staff
External and internal R&D: 90 % and 10 %

Address: Kaunas University of Technology, Food Institute
Radvilėnų pl. 19-C405, LT-51180, Kaunas, Lithuania

Dr. Alvija Šalaševičienė, Director of Food Institute

phone: +370 37 312393, fax: +370 685 96052, 672 71219 (UTC+2)

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Interesting Notes

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