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SAFE Announcements and Events:

  • SAFE at the World Seafood Congress 2017

    Mark your agenda now.

    The World Seafood Congress 2017 will take place from 10 to 13 September in Reykjavik Iceland.

    On the afternoon of TUESDAY 12 SEPT, SAFE consortium will lead two sessions.

    Abstracts still being accepted for speakers and for posters.

    Early bird registration open till 30 April.


  • SAFE Executive Board Meetings 2017-23 AUGUST

    The upcoming 2017 meetings of the SAFE consortium Executive Board will be by teleconference on

    Wednesday 23 August at 13H CET

    Wednesday 20 September at 13H CET

    Wednesday 18 October at 13H CET

    Log in as a SAFE member to download the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE EB meetings. Also available are the Agenda and the Minutes of all SAFE Member Meetings, including the Annual General Meetings. Once logged in, these documents become visible as a separate article in Past Events.

    If your institution is a SAFE member but you don't have a User Name and Password - send an email to Katherine Flynn with your 3 food safety interests and you will be registered.

    If your institution is not a SAFE member - you will find information here on how to apply.


SAFE consortium AGM: 21 OCTOBER at Food Factory 2016

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The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the SAFE consortium took place in two parts. Part 1 was on 13 MAY 2016 by Teleconference and Part 2 on 21 OCTOBER 2016 at the SAFE Annual Event: a workshop on Safe Food for the Future at the Food Factory 2016 Conference in Laval France.

The SAFE AGM genereally brings together one or two representatives from each member institute and 2016 was no exception.. SAFE activities and finances in the previous year were reviewed and SAFE plans and budget for 2017 was discussed. Decisions were made by consensus or majority vote. You can find the agenda and minutes of the 2016 AGM and of previous AGMs on the SAFE Members Only pages, Past Events.

The SAFE Annual General Meeting  took place in two parts this year:

Part 1 on Friday 13 May by teleconference (Lync). Here, the 2015 budget was closed and 2016 budget approved. Financial documents were sent to all confirmed participants and questions invited by email.

Part 2 on Friday 21 October at the SAFE Annual Event. The Annual Event was a ½ day workshop on ‘Safe Food for the Future’ as part of the 3 day Food Factory 2016 conference in Laval France. More information on the SAFE Event and on the conference as a whole is available on the SAFE website, Past Events. The SAFE workshop was the morning of 21 Oct and Part II of the AGM the afternoon.

The SAFE AGM was originally planned for 13 May in Brussels. However, due to the difficulty of travelling to Brussels at that time, the schedule was changed to the rather unusual one above.

The SAFE statutes specify that the General Meeting of the Members is the supreme governing body of the SAFE consortium. Come and have your voice included!

Please RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER to confirm your participation in Part 2 of the SAFE AGM and look forward to seeing you there.

Interesting Notes

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Registration is simple. Send an email to the SAFE Scientific Secretary,, from your institution email address and include your three Food Safety interests.