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ISEKI_Food 4

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Towards the Innovation of the Food Chain through the Modernization of Food Studies is an EU-funded Erasmus project. It began in September 2011 and ended in September 2014.

This was the 4th ISEKI Food project! ISEKI Food (Integrating Science and Engineering Knowledge Into Food) projects have been running since the early 2000s.

This is the first time SAFE consortium is a partner in an ISEKI Food project. SAFE was a Core Group Member of Work Package 3, New Skills for New Jobs.

Links to the ISEKI_Food 4 project website and the ISEKI Food Association (IFA) website.


ISEKI_Food 4 is a primarily academic network with 89 partners from all over Europe (3 among these from outside Europe) and 38 associated partners from around the world (Asia, Australia, North and South America). There are three primary objectives of ISEKI_Food 4:

1. To innovate the education and training of Food Science & Technology (FS&T) students
2. To promote the employability and entrepreneurship of the graduated Food Scientist / Food Technologist
3. To develop a lecturing qualification for Food Science & Technology university teaching staff

SAFE is a Core Group Member of Work Package 3, New Skills for New Jobs. The WP coordinator is Marco Dalla Rosa (Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, IT), the co-coordinator is Peter Ho (University of Leeds, UK) and the Core Group partners are Katherine Flynn (SAFE consortium, BE) and Margarida Vieira (University of Algarve, PT).

Identifying and Selecting the Skills and Competences for the FS&T of the Future

SAFE has played a large role in this WP3 task. Here, the WP3 Core Group went directly to currently employed Food Scientists & Technologists and to current Food Science & Technology students and asked them what skills would be most important for their future jobs.

Over 200 responses have been collected thus far for each questionnaire and a preliminary report is already finalized. These data will be further elaborated and presented at the ISEKI_Food 4 2nd Genaral Assembly (Kaunas Lithuania May 2013), as a Webinar (planned for Autumn 2013) and as a peer-reviewed publication.

You can still contribute to this important research! Please take 10 minutes to complete a questionnaire, available on the ISEKI_Food 4 website, here.

Implementation of Soft and Personal Skills and Team working Ability and Aligning New Skills in Food Studies Courses

SAFE is also involved in these WP3 tasks. Here ISKEI_Food 4 partners are organizing Brainstorming Workshops and / or completing questionnaires about HOW soft skills and team work are integrated into Food Science & Technology courses. The goal is to improve the teaching and assessment of these skills. A very useful output is planned: a database of best practices for integrating soft skills and team work into the Food Studies curriculum.
The final step: Development of joint learning modules/programmes to favour student exchanges.  

Work Package 3 and the ISEKI_Food 4 project as a whole have many other interesting activities in progress. Visit the project website here to see the latest news.

The coordinator of Iseki Food 4 is Prof.ssa Paola Pittia at the Università degli Studi di Teramo.

The project is an activity of the ISEKI Food Association. Link here.

ISEKI_Food 4 is supported by the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme (518415-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-Erasmus-ENW).


Interesting Notes

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