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SAFE Announcements and Events:


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In accordance with its remit, the activities developed by the SAFE consortium will be confined to food safety sciences, interpreted in its broadest sense to include agricultural inputs and the complete chains of food and feed production, processing, packaging, transportation, distribution, retail, consumption and consumer research. In scientific terms it includes microbiology (classical, predictive and molecular) including viruses and TSE’s, molecular genetics, genomics, toxicology (chemical, environmental, veterinary pharmaceutical and biological), existing and novel food (preservation) technologies, exposure assessment, risk evaluation and consumer sciences.

The products and services of the consortium as a whole can be consulting activities, larger projects and programmes within the Framework Programmes and participation in the ERA Nets and in Technology Platforms. The consortium furthermore organises seminars and workshops with related publications or position papers on food safety issues.

The geographical ‘operating area’ of the SAFE consortium includes all of the European Union and the Associated Member States and Countries (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland etc.) which are fully active within the scientific framework programmes of the Union. Members from outside of Europe with an interest in European food safety are also welcome to apply for membership and the SAFE consortium welcomes activities worldwide!

Interesting Notes

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Register as an Individual Member of the SAFE consortium and access Member's Only pages including downloads of documents and presentations, plus receive SAFE announcements directly by email !


Registration is simple. Send an email to the SAFE Scientific Secretary, Katherine Flynn, from your institution email address and include your three Food Safety interests.